Why Is It Important To get Your Website Optimized?

“Having my company’s website optimized for search engines was one of the most effective investments I’ve made to bring in more business!” – Chris L., Mobile Mechanic Hawaii

Search engine optimization or SEO has come a long way since it started 25 years ago. Marketing strategies have changed significantly since its inception, with majority of Internet marketing now adapting to search engine algorithms. Rumors that SEO is dead are hardly true and in fact, the importance of search engine optimization is even more apparent now. Many companies are renewing their commitment to invest in website optimization.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should set aside a budget for your website’s SEO, here are 6 reasons why you should:

1. It’s Here to Stay

To reiterate, SEO is not dead and it will be around for as long as the Internet exists. Search engines like Google are always evolving and developing. Even video searches depend on keywords just like text based content searches.

2. It Works

The strategies used for optimizing a website still work even after Google released its updates. Granted, the techniques need to be in accordance to Google’s objective of providing the best user experience. So that means no keyword spamming, no useless content, etc.

3. Your Competitors are Using SEO

You need to understand that most, if not all, of your main competitors are actually using SEO to boost their website’s rankings. If you don’t do the same, you’re going to lose a lot of potential business.

4. It’s Cost-Effective
How much do TV ads, news ads and billboards cost? A lot. Even other forms of online marketing such as social media marketing and PPC advertising are very expensive compared to SEO. With SEO, you’ll only spend a small amount every month to maintain your high ranking.

5. Content is Essential for Survival, Literally

So let’s say you don’t really care for SEO. You have a nice website with a professional design and even a cool video explaining your services. But because you don’t want to optimize it, you just leave it as it is. Now what happens when Google releases an update and your site hasn’t had any new content for a year? It’s going to drop in rankings and potential customers won’t be able to find it.

6. More and More People are Using Search Engines

Studies have shown that as many as 92% of American internet users use search engines to find the information they’re looking for. Pretty soon, everyone will be doing the same. If you want these people to find your business online, then SEO makes sense. Because if you don’t optimize it then they will find your competitors instead.

Investing on SEO is an integral part of any sound marketing strategy.  If you want your online marketing efforts to succeed, then you need to have an SEO plan. It has become more important now than ever before and because gaming Google no longer works, it’s also just as important to find an SEO agency that knows the proper and most effective ways to optimize your website.

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