Having Just A Website For Your Business Isn’t Enough

In this day and age, about 65% of non-online businesses have a website. Whether if it’s a social media profile or an actual webpage that markets the business, more and more businesses are using the internet in attempts to market their business.

Notice that I said “attempt”.

You see, most business owners and/or self employed people have misconceptions about having just a website. They think that a website will boost their business’s visibility and in result get them more customers through their doors, more clients to serve, and ultimately more business.

Well, that is the idea. But, it isn’t that simple. Especially if your business is in an industry that is very competitive. A website typically will not generate you more business off the bat. If it was that simple everyone would have no problem getting more leads, clients, sales, inquiries, and money.

Most business people think a website markets their company. That is not the case. A website is just a piece of property on the internet that has your business information on there. You still need to put in the effort to market the website to others so that they can see your business information online and perhaps inquire about your offerings.

Having just a website is like making a sign promoting your business and just keeping that sign in your room. No one will ever see it and hence will likely not come across your business.

In order to be found you must do something with that “sign”. Post it up where people can see it or are searching for your business’s products/services. Make copies of the sign and post it up as many placed you can. The more places your sign is posted the more likely your business will be found. You can even optimize you sign for it to be more effective in converting viewers into customers like inputting a “call to action”.

Much like signs, in order for your customer base to find or come across your business online, you need to do the same for your website. Your website needs to be found where people are looking. One way to achieve that is to have your business website and information posted all over the internet. And your website needs to be optimized.

A website will not market itself. And that’s where we come in…

Come back for more helpful tips about getting you business online.


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