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Having Just A Website For Your Business Isn’t Enough

In this day and age, about 65% of non-online businesses have a website. Whether if it’s a social media profile or an actual webpage that markets the business, more and more businesses are using the internet in attempts to market their business.

Notice that I said “attempt”.

You see, most business owners and/or self employed people have misconceptions about having just a website. They think that a website will boost their business’s visibility and in result get them more customers through their doors, more¬†clients to serve, and ultimately more business.

Well, that is the idea. But, it isn’t that simple. Especially if your business is in an industry that is very competitive. A website typically will not generate you more business off the bat. If it was that simple everyone would have no problem getting more leads, clients, sales, inquiries, and money.

Most business people think Continue reading

How Important It Is To Get Your Business Online

Think about it.

If you need a plumber for your home and you don’t know of anyone who is a plumber that can help you immediately, what would be the first thing you would do to find one?

If you answered, look for a plumber in the Yellow Pages directory book, you are probably a bit older and this website isn’t for you. If you have a business, your business will likely be outdated and outperformed by newer businesses in your industry.

But you are reading this. So I know your answer is you would search online for plumber.

How do I know that? Well, that’s what majority of people would do when their in need of a service or even products. The first thing they would do is search on any search engine or directory on their desktop computer, laptop, mobile device, or cell phone.

It’s the world that we live in in this day and age.

Now imagine a person in need of what your business offers. How will they find you? If your business is not yet digitized and online, they are likely not going to find you. That’s a loss of business and money.

Stay with us here as we will offer tips and educate you how to get your business online the proper way.

Get online!